Living strong

Strength and power have been synonymous since the beginning of time. Most of the world’s disagreements are over power, and most human relationship challenges are rooted in power-struggles. Like the electrical systems in our homes, we rely on power to work as it should to maintain our level of comfort. But what happens when we lose power? Most of us grapple around in the darkness, and either become angry or sad.

We fight to restore power if we are angry and active. However, we wallow in helplessness or sadness if there is nothing we can do about it. What would you do, if you could change power sources and place yourself in a situation where you relied less on power systems because you were able to establish your own power? Hear more about this at one of my talks on:

  • “What Makes You So Strong: Cultivating Authentic Power"

  • “Good Afternoon: Thriving Instead of Striving in Middle Adulthood

authentic power

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the myth of the strong black woman

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strengths-based learning

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