About Candace

Candace Cooper is a mother, author, speaker and professor dedicated to loving and enjoying life in the spaces in between triumph and failure. Life is full of transition and transformation so success and failure are inevitable. It how one responds to life-changing events like the birth of a child or the impending death of a parent, the excitement of discovery of a soulmate and the dissolution of a twenty-year marriage that can determine how we see ourselves and others. These highs and lows are not limited to personal relationships. They extend into the public sphere in our workplace and social environments, where we contemplate promotion opportunities that remove us from our comfort zones, or new inventions that beckon us out of secure jobs into the uncertain world of entrepreneurship. The decisions made during these periods can make or break us. For more than a decade, Candace has helped people develop strategies for success in their relationships, professional transitions and spiritual lives.

Candace English and Humanities professor at Collin College as well as a lecturer on spiritual transformation. In 2004, Candace was licensed as a baptist minister at the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. She started Prosper in Truth Ministries at Texas Southern University in 2005 and delivered weekly sermons on the steps of the student center to a faithful group of students every Thursday. After the membership grew, she developed new leaders to take over the PIT Ministries so that younger ministers and women would have a place to preach. Around the same time, she took a leadership position at Lakewood Church, with Pastor Joel Osteen, where she ministered to young adults in the Altar’d and C30 ministries. In 2010 she married a young adult ministry intern who was also in ministry at Lakewood. Later, after moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, they would start their own ministry in called The Altered Church.

In 2016, she retired from formal ministry and opted for a more all-encompassing spiritual path rooted solely in love. She teaches workshops and offers lectures on spirituality, healing, personal transformation and love as a lecturer on A Course in Miracles. As a bible teacher and former co-pastor, Candace offers a unique perspective into the “Spiritual but Not Religious” movement for those who have abandoned the formal structure of the Christian church.

Her doctoral research is in human development through psychology and spirituality in the Doctor of Liberal Studies program at Southern Methodist University. Her most recent research is also her latest book project titled “Liberality, Spirituality and Love: The Evolution, Fallacy and Redefinition of the Strong Black Woman”.

Candace has three children, Marlei, Maci and Joshua, and she lives in the Dallas suburb, Plano, Texas.