On Christians and the "Social Media Civil War"

So Christians who love the same God and profess the same Christ are praying for two very different things regarding our country’s leadership right now. It’s baffling because both groups think that God is for them and against their sisters and brothers who disagree with them. Where is Jesus’ commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself in this?

I wonder if they know that people are leaving the church left and right over this contradiction. We should know that the “social media civil war” is affecting the soul of America and the church is complicit in acts of commission and omission if it engages in or does not speak against hateful rhetoric (on both sides). This is not to incite guilt nor shame on any party. Instead, it is a call to action to do what you can in your congregation to build a bridge to other Christians who may disagree with you politically.

May unity and true civility within the body of Christ strike chords of harmony, and may it reverberate through the souls of the many congregations across America next Sunday morning.

#unitynow #unitybyfaith #unityislove

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