Living the Midlife

Living the Midlife

Your childhood is over, but your youth is still the primary subject of conversation when you think about the good old days.  Secretly, you long to be that child again who plays all day until the streetlight comes on - especially when a deadline at work is looming.

Many of us have chosen professions and careers based upon the circumstances of our youth and young adult years.  Some of us were forced into jobs we didn't want because it was the only thing we could do to "get our foot in the door". Maybe you married or had children young. Perhaps you landed a well paying job right out of high school instead of going to college as you'd dreamed.  You rented an apartment, bought a car, and invested in expensive clothes and jewelry so that you could look like you had "arrived".  Now you are in debt and stuck at a job that has a ceiling where only college degrees are welcomed.  What's more, you are worried you won't be able to go back to school because you can't afford it, and its been 20 years since you graduated from high school, so you are scared you won't remember anything.

Dear friends, you are not "stuck" in the life you have created for yourself and you are not alone. Going back to school and shifting from an established career to one that is more fulfilling is common to the human psyche at midlife. This is a natural progression of evolution in the human soul. Our humanness requires us to seek additional knowledge at midlife - whether its in a school or in a church.  Something within us desires more.  Stop beating yourself up and resisting the urge to transform your world. 

When you choose a career in your 20's, it is usually based upon circumstances, not based upon desire.  No one wants to start at the bottom.  It is highly likely we were playing out what our parents and society told us to do. Most of us did not have enough life experience to make a confident decision about our future. We just did what we saw our parents and community do or what they told us to do. When they commended us, it made us feel like adults.

The truth is that we needed to truly get to know ourselves first and do a full assessment of our gifts and talents. You can find your natural strengths by taking a strengths assessment. Knowing who you are and how you are wired will help you find a career path that is fulfilling to you.  Once you have discovered your strengths, I can offer you an analysis of your results to help you find career paths that may be fulfilling for you.

Finally, you only get one life.  Just because you did what you THOUGHT you should do as a young adult does not mean that you have to live the life you have created.  You can and should change it if you are not living on purpose. The fact that you no longer want to do your job because it is not fulfilling is a symptom of a greater internal conflict.  Don't ignore the signs because it can lead to a midlife crisis, depression, and strained relationships.

This, my friends is called midlife. Let’s navigate it together to discover your plan for success.

Success and love to each of you for the 2016 New Year!  


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